Family fun at East Riddlesden Hall

Children playing at East Riddlesden Hall

From helping build a bug hotel to making the messiest mud pie ever, here are some ideas for families to enjoy at East Riddlesden Hall this summer.

The discovery garden 

Can you find the secret discovery garden? Tucked away within the trees, this natural play area has lots for little ones to discover. Head through the hidden entrance and follow the path through the trees to start your adventure.  

Make yourself at home in the hobbit house, then cook up a messy delight in the mud pie kitchen. There’s a storytelling chair, logs to balance on and a weaving loom for you to create your own wild art masterpiece. Gather up some sticks to make a den or forage for treasures to make a nature crown.  

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What better way to enjoy a family adventure than ticking off some of the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ ? 

Get creative and make some wild art with treasures you find in the gardens. On the lower fields, gather some sticks to make a den or make friends with a bug you find in the bug hotel.  

Grab your boots and head out on a welly wander, splashing through puddles after the rain, and watch a bird from the secret spot in the bird hide. 

The East Riddlesden Hall bug hotel 

Can you help build our bug hotel? Down on the lower fields we’re building up this special home for our littlest residents. Grab some sticks, leaves and moss and help add to the many floors of the hotel. See if you can spot any of its guests making themselves at home – but be careful, we need to take care of these lovely little critters.  

Can you help us build up the bug hotel?
A sign outside the bug hotel at East Riddlesden Hall
Can you help us build up the bug hotel?

The lower fields 

There’s lots of open space on the lower fields, perfect for running off some steam, playing games, splashing through puddles or building a den.   

Follow the trail alongside the river and pass through our wonderful willow  tunnel. The riverside path is also a great place to go on a scavenger hunt – look for leaves, sticks and other natural treasures to use in a fantastic wild art creation.