Summer strolls at Emmetts Garden

A visitor enjoying the views at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

The views over the weald of Kent at Emmetts Garden look spectacular in the summer sunshine. Make the most of the warm weather by strolling around the gardens and into the woodland. Got time to spare? Take your walk a step further by following the trail to nearby Toys Hill, or even Chartwell.


A wintry view acros the Weald of Kent from Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Weardale walk

This beautiful 5 mile circular walk links Emmetts Garden and Chartwell; passing through the woodland areas of Toys Hill and Hosey Common, as well as the pretty hamlet of French Street.



Take a stroll down to the ram pump house and its adjacent pond and we’re sure you’ll come across these gentle insects and their damselfly cousins.

With shimmering bodies flashing in the sun, dragonflies can fly sideways and even backwards on fast, agile wings. Their powerful eyes see ultraviolet light so they can easily spot prey and snatch meals on the go.



Coppice clearings

As you walk between Emmetts Garden and Chartwell, keep an eye out for the coppice clearings created by our ranger teams recently.

Without the coverage from the trees, the sun can now reach the undergrowth, encouraging new wildflowers and shrubs to grow. Keep checking back to see how the undergrowth evolves over the summer.

Coppicing is an ancient way of managing woodland. It may seem counterproductive but by cutting the trees down, it encourages new shoots to form from the stumps. It’s a great way of quickly producing sustainable timber.

Keep an eye out for...