Winter walks at Emmetts Garden

Grab your winter coat, pull on your boots and enjoy the fresh, crisp air on a walk at Emmetts Garden. Don't forget to head up to the Old Stables café for a hot drink to takeaway - perfect for warming your fingers.

The views from the garden alone are well worth making a visit for. The lack of leaves on the trees means more and more viewpoints open up over winter, creating better vistas across the Weald of Kent and beyond.

From the entrance you'll walk through the meadow where the rolling landscape leads your eye up to Ide Hill village on the other side. The church with its towering spire can easily be spotted from here.

Next take a wander through the south garden, full of exotic and rare trees and shrubs from all across the globe. The handkerchief tree, full of white drooping bracts in spring, is transformed into a beautifully eerie silhouette, with countless fruit hanging from its branches.

As you make your way into the woodland you'll stumble across more of our outstanding views. Emmetts Garden sits on one of the highest points in the Weald of Kent, making it the perfect place to pull up a chair and enjoy the view.

Kent countryside from the Emmetts Garden
Walking trail

Weardale Walk From Emmetts Garden 

Head out into the clean and crisp winter air on our Weadale walk, linking Emmetts Garden to Chartwell, home of Sir Winston Churchill, through the woodland areas of Toys Hill and Hosey Common all whilst taking in exposed views out over the Kent countryside.

With benches strategically located at each viewpoint, you could sit for hours and watch the world go by.

Wherever you go you'll be walking in the heart of the Kent countryside steeped in history with fascinating landmarks to see along the way.

Coppice Clearings

As you walk between Emmetts Garden and Chartwell, keep an eye out for the coppice clearings created by our ranger teams recently.

Without the coverage from the trees, the sun can now reach the undergrowth, encouraging new wildflowers and shrubs to grow. Usually carried out during late winter when the plants are dormant and so not to disturb the nesting birds, keep checking back to see how the undergrowth evolves over the summer too.

Coppicing is an ancient way of managing woodland. It may seem counterproductive but by cutting the trees down, it encourages new shoots to form from the stumps. It’s a great way of quickly producing sustainable timber.

Try A Longer Walk

Owners walking their dog in the autumn sunshine

Visiting Emmetts Garden with your dog

Share a stroll around Emmetts Garden with your dog. Allowed in all corners of the gardens, there's no better place for them to spend a day.

Bough Beech Reservoir

Emmetts Garden is well known for its fantastic views. On a clear winters day you can see for miles across the Weald of Kent. Wondering what the water is in the distance? That's Bough Beech Reservoir, a wildlife reserve bursting with bustling nature.

Enjoy a crisp winter view of the bough beech reservoir
A view over the bough beech reservoir
Enjoy a crisp winter view of the bough beech reservoir
Where To Next?
Looking at the West face of the house with frosted foliage on the wall in front


Head to historic Ightham Mote for a circular walk or try one of the different estate walks at Scotney Castle, there's plenty of reasons to get out and about this winter.