50 autumnal things to do at Emmetts Garden

Grab your umbrella, pull on those wellies and get ready for some autumn challenges at Emmetts Garden. Find the best conker to become the conker champion, jump in those puddles and catch the falling leaves. Don't forget to pick up your adventure scrapbook from our visitor centre so you can keep track of how many challenges you've completed.

Catch a falling leaf at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

No. 1 Get To Know A Tree

There's no better time of year than autumn to try out this challenge; leaves are falling off trees here, there and everywhere. How many leaves can you catch? Do you know what type they are? Why don't you create some wild art with your leaves? Then you can tick No.18: Create Some Wild Art off your list as well.

A child enjoys building a den at a National Trust property

No. 4 Build A Den

Grab logs, sticks and leaves to build a den to rival all others in our wild play area and woodland. Can you make your den waterproof? Piling leaves on top of the den will help.

Visitors with umbrellas in the garden at Bateman's, East Sussex.

No. 6 Go Welly Wandering

When it's pouring with rain, what could be better than chucking on your wellies and waterproofs and zooming around in the puddles, soaking up all the watery fun? You don't need any instructions for this challenge, it's exactly what it says on the tin!

Child holding a selection of conkers

No. 10 Play Conkers

If you want to win at conkers this autumn the most important thing you'll need is a champion collection. Our top tip for picking the best conkers is to put all the ones you've gathered in a bucket of water. Any that sink to the bottom are winners!

Go bug hunting at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

No. 31 Make Friends With A Bug

Damp weather is a great time to go bug hunting - all the best creepy crawlies come out when it's wet. Remember to look under rocks and logs and even fallen leaves. If you're really brave, try holding some bugs in your hand!

Enjoy a walk at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

No. 45 Find Your Way With A Map

Wrap up in scarves, coats and hats and head out on a walk though the falling leaves this autumn at Emmetts Garden. Can you find your way around our woodland with our site map?


The humble stick

It’s official – the almighty stick is the hero of outdoor play and adventure! But don’t just take our word for it, check out the poem, which wordsmith, chart-topper and Game of Thrones star Raleigh Ritchie wrote for us.