Late summer colour at Emmetts Garden

Leave the hubbub of the summer holidays behind and enjoy the peaceful scenes at Emmetts Garden. Before the fierce ambers and scarlets of autumn arrive there's still an abundance of bright blooms to catch your eye. Make the most of the late rose season, be captivated by the gleaming Japanese anemones or just sit and savour the far-reaching views across the Weald of Kent.

Cornus contraversa at Emmetts Garden, Kent, in autumn

Visiting Emmetts Garden: What to expect

We've reopened our gardens at Emmetts Garden and we're looking forward to welcoming you back.

Cornus contraversa at Emmetts Garden, Kent, in autumn

Changing of the seasons

Come and watch the changing of the seasons at Emmetts Garden as the leaves all slowly begin to turn to autumn. Summer colour continues in the Rose Garden as the leaves all begin to change to fiery reds, oranges and yellows.

Autumn crocuses at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust place in Kent

Autumn Crocuses

With the end of summer on the horizon the autumn crocus has popped up to say hello. Perking up the north garden borders, this bloom brings a lovely lilac shade to the luscious green flower beds.

Fleabane blooming in the rock garden at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust place in Kent

Colourful Blooms In The Rock Garden

With year-round interest, there's not a time when the Rock Garden isn't sprouting with floral wonder. In late summer you'll find an array of blooms from the aster family, including the dainty fleabane complimented by the trailing blue rock bindweed.

Japanese anemones in bloom in late summer at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Japanese Anemones

There's nothing quite like a Japanese anemone to brighten up borders in late summer. Their dazzling white petals are a welcome sight over September; look out for these popping up over the North Garden.

Three beautiful red roses at Emmetts Garden in September

A Second Wind For The Roses

Over the summer holidays our gardeners are busy deadheading the roses, encouraging them to bloom once more. Their hard work pays off, with a fantastic array of pinks and whites still seen in the rose garden over September and even into October. Look out for the little miss roses around the fountain and the sexy roxy blooms in the corners.

Wedding cake tree, Emmtees Garden, Kent

The Wedding Cake Tree

This stunning specimen is so named due to the distinct layers that form, giving the tree a tiered shape resembling a wedding cake. Originally from Japan and Korea, it is a rare site to see here in the UK. Over summer it is covered with creamy white flowers before the leaves turn purple in the autumn.

A view over the Weald of Kent from Emmetts Garden, a National Trust place in Kent

Admire the changing landscape from Emmetts Garden

Sitting on one of the highest points in the Weald of Kent comes with the bonus of some incredible far-reaching views. Pull up at one of our benches and watch as the landscape transforms from full greens to blazing reds. Emmetts Garden is the ideal place to watch the seasons come and go.

Fly agaric growing at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Fabulous fungi around Emmetts Garden and Toys Hill

Know your dusky puffball from your mealy bonnet? Ever heard of an elfin saddle? The mushroom kingdom is full of peculiar caps, quirky growths and bizarre names. Autumn at Emmetts Garden and the surrounding Toys Hill countryside is a great time to immerse yourself in it, with an abundance of fungi popping up all over.

The woods in autumn at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Autumn ambles at Emmetts Garden 

There's nothing quite like the crunching of leaves underfoot - which is why exploring on foot is the best way to experiencie autumn. The woods turn into a fiery display of colour whilst the fungi makes the most of the damp undergrowth. Look out for the vibrant fly agaric fungi on your next walk.