Early summer colour at Emmetts Garden

Relax in the sunshine amongst the roses, admire the colourful hydrangeas and discover exotic trees in bloom at Emmetts garden this summer. We've listed just a few of our summer favourites for you below to help you plan your visit.

Cornus contraversa at Emmetts Garden, Kent, in autumn

Visiting Emmetts Garden: What to expect

We've reopened our gardens at Emmetts Garden and we're looking forward to welcoming you back.

Summer view over weald of Kent from Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Spectacular views

Emmetts Garden sits at one of the highest points in Kent, providing it with some fantastic views. On a sunny day you can sit and see for miles across the weald of Kent. Bough Beech reservoir can be seen in the distance from the bottom of the south garden, whilst Ide Hill can be spotted over the way from the wild flower meadow.

The Persian silk tree in bloom at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Persian Silk Tree

And now for something completely different - the cherry-pink fluffy flower heads on this tree make it a quirky addition to any garden. Originally from southwestern and eastern Asia, these pretty, wispy flowers are loved by bees for their great source of nectar.

The North Garden blooming in summer at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust place in Kent

Summer in the North Garden

For a myriad of rainbow hues head to the North Garden which comes into its own in summer. Our gardeners replanted this area in 2017 and the result has been well worth the wait. Look for the golden rudbeckia, fiery amber lilies and the quirky lantern tree.

The roses and fountain at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust place in Kent

Find your Rose Inspiration at Emmetts Garden

With the onset of June comes the flowering of the sweet scented roses; there's no better time to see them at Emmetts. Banks of delicate roses create a beautiful border for this tranquil garden, which holds a stunning view over nearby Ide Hill. Built in the early twentieth century it remains today a quiet spot for enjoyment and contemplation.

Wedding cake tree, Emmtees Garden, Kent

The Wedding Cake Tree

This stunning specimen is so named due to the distinct layers that form, giving the tree a tiered shape resembling a wedding cake. Originally from Japan and Korea, it is a rare site to see here in the UK. Over summer it is covered with creamy white flowers before the leaves turn purple in the autumn.

Hydrangea in bloom in August at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent


These popular garden shrubs just thrive at Emmetts in the summer. Whilst many species of hydrangea are white, here at Emmetts they mostly flower in vivid blue and pink shades that bring an explosion of colour to the pathways.

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Please Leave Your Drone At Home

All aerial activity above our sites is prohibited according to an existing byelaw. Please leave your drones at home as drone flying isn’t allowed over National Trust land.

liquidambar acalycina in autumn at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Things to see and do at Emmetts Garden

Different gardens, views and events here mean there’s always something to interest you, your family and friends. Find a garden to suit your taste.