Things to see and do at Emmetts Garden

Different gardens, views and events here mean there’s always something to interest you, your family and friends. Why not pay us a visit and see what you can discover?

An image inside the Discover Cabin at Emmetts showing panels with quotes and black and white digital images

New interpretation for 2019

Wander Emmetts Garden and pick up a potted history from the new interpretation. Step inside the Discovery Cabin for even more information as well as quotes, memories and digital replicas of black and white photography from the early 21st-century.

Emmetts Garden woodland with orange leaves coating the ground and yellow leaves still on the trees

Winter Woodland

As autumn colour fades away, the woodlands reveal the far-reaching views out across the Kent countryside from Emmetts Garden. Bare-branches and evergreens now fill the winter landscape and with gloves, coats and boots at the ready, there's a quiet magic to be found down in the woods this season.

A wintry view acros the Weald of Kent from Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Admire the changing landscape from Emmetts Garden

Sitting on one of the highest points in the Weald of Kent comes with the bonus of some incredible far-reaching views. Pull up at one of our benches and watch as the landscape is revealed with the bare branches of winter showing off the countryside in full glory. Can you spot Bough Beech Resevoir?

The rock garden in winter at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

Rock Garden

Our Rock Garden is home to a wonderful variety of alpines and English hardy species. Laid out by Frederic Lubbock around the same time as the Rose Garden, it is complete with a lily pond and winding paths that allow you to explore this unique part of the garden.

The south garden at Emmetts with two benches in the middle, a very colourful orange tree and surrounded by bare brances

South Garden

Home to an impressive collection of hardy exotic trees and shrubs, the south garden was laid out by Frederic Lubbock around the turn of the twentieth century. In winter, the evergreens fill this area from the quintessential blue spruce to the draping brewers spruce. Don't miss the prickly heath bush from Argentina with its bright purple berries!

The pond visible from the top path of the North Garden in winter

North Garden

Discover splashes of colour popping up as you walk the winding paths around the north garden. We're currently restoring the water features in this area, say hi to the garden team if you see them. Keep a look out for the unusual wedding cake tree in this area before you head over to the South Garden.

The rose garden fountain in winter at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent

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