Coast Redwood on High Close tree trail

Coast Redwood

Native to the Pacific coast of North America, this species claims the title of tallest living species of tree on Earth.

Latin name

Sequoia sempervirens

A few numbers relating to the Coast Redwood

The Coast Redwood can grow from seed to a whopping 33m (100ft) in just 50 years. The very tallest redwood measures 115.5m (379ft), nearly three times the height of our High Close individual.

Redwood resilience

Redwoods have evolved to be incredibly resilient to external forces. Their roots extend up to 50m and intertwine with neighbouring trees helping them withstand strong winds and flooding.

With bark up to 30cm thick and rich in tannins they are protected against forest fires, insect damage and disease. In fact redwoods benefit from wildfires, sustaining only minor damage while competing species die off.

In Latin sempervirens means ‘everlasting’ or ‘ever green’.