For butterfly lovers

Butterflies are one of the most treasured elements of the UK's wildlife, guiding us deep into the heart of nature. Find out how we're looking after them and discover the best spots for butterflying.

A pair of Glanville fritillary butterflies share a meal

Wildlife in Leigh Woods

Leigh Woods, Bristol

Leigh Woods is a great place to discover wildlife.


Butterfly Safari's

Portstewart Strand, County Londonderry

Calling all kids! It's the season of Butterflies and Moths. - 14, 28 July & 11 August


Butterfly monitoring at Hatchlands Park

Hatchlands Park, Surrey

Nothing spells out summer quite so well as a butterfly flitting from flower to flower in a meadow. With nationwide declines reported across a number of Britain’s most common species, we’re working hard to help reverse that trend with our first butterfly transect.


A Fluttering of Butterflies

Stoneywell, Leicestershire

While away an hour or two admiring the butterflies and bees of Stoneywell; the delicate jewels that visit our fragrant flowers


Wicken Fen - Summer Buzz

Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire

The fen is alive with the sound of insects across the reserve during July and August. Here are some of the insects to look out for at Wicken Fen.


Recording Charlecote's butterflies

Charlecote Park, Warwickshire

Butterflies are among nature's most important pollinators. See what you might discover on a stroll through our gardens and parkland - and find out how we're working with the British Butterfly Trust.

Activity feature

Summer at Crom

Crom, County Fermanagh

Start ticking off those 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Crom this summer, with pond dipping, geocaching and more!


A good news story: High Brown Fritillary is making a bumper early appearance

Heddon Valley, Devon

The UK’s most endangered butterfly, the High Brown Fritillary, is making a bumper early appearance at a remote British habitat in North Devon, despite serious worries about their population.


The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly

Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire

We are lucky to be able to look after this special butterfly here at Shugborough. Find out more about how our ranger team look after their habitat


Butterfly walks

Our top butterfly walks, chosen by our specialist butterfly volunteer Matthew Oates, will help you enjoy the best of the British summer.


Butterflies at Arlington Court

Arlington Court and the National Trust Carriage Museum, Devon

Summer is a great time to spot butterflies - discover some of the species you might find here at Arlington Court.


Beasts, bees and butterflies

Tredegar House

Ring in the summer months by exploring all the different habitats that house the beasts, bees and butterflies who call Tredegar House their home.


Butterfly conservation in Heddon Valley

Heddon Valley, Devon

Heddon Valley is home to one of the UK's rarest butterflies, the High Brown Fritillary. This is one of only four sites in the country where they thrive in good numbers, thanks to careful habitat maintenance by our rangers. Learn more about our butterfly conservation work.


The butterfly effect: a farewell from Matthew Oates

After 30 years as the National Trust's butterfly expert, the time has come for Matthew Oates to hang up his net. Join him one last time to find out how butterflies have touched his life and how we can make sure they affect others for many years to come.


Butterfly and dragonfly walks in the East of England

Beautiful butterflies and dazzling dragonflies can be seen in abundance across the East of England in the summer months. So why not see how many species you can spot?


Celebrating National Insect Week in the East

To mark National Insect Week this June, we’re taking flight for a look at just some of the amazing moths, butterflies and dragonflies that can be found fluttering at the places we care for in the East of England.


The history of Walters Copse, Newtown Creek

Newtown National Nature Reserve and Old Town Hall, Isle of Wight

Discover how Walters Copse has changed from meadow land in the middle ages to the special group of trees we now find here today.


Butterflies at Dudmaston

Dudmaston, Shropshire

If you're lucky, you might spot a White Admiral Butterfly gliding along Dudmaston's woodland rides in the summer sunshine.