For butterfly lovers

Butterflies are one of the most treasured elements of the UK's wildlife, guiding us deep into the heart of nature. Find out how we're looking after them and discover the best spots for butterflying.

A pair of Glanville fritillary butterflies share a meal

Butterflies at Stockbridge Down

Mottisfont, Hampshire

Over 40 species of butterfly thrive at Stockbridge Down. Declining varieties such as the Duke of Burgundy and pearl-bordered fritillary can be spotted here, encouraged through careful habitat management.


The walled garden at The Weir

The Weir Garden, Herefordshire

Discover The Weir's very own secret garden just a short walk from the main riverside garden.


Silver Washed Fritillaries at Buckland

Buckland Abbey, Devon

The Silver Washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia) is a large and graceful butterfly found in woodland during high summer.


Wildlife friendly gardening at Upton House and Gardens

Upton House and Gardens, Warwickshire

From tiny insects to rare species, find out how our gardeners have created a haven for wildlife.


Looking after Croome’s butterflies

Croome, Worcestershire

Croome’s parkland is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers which provide an invaluable habitat for many species of butterflies.


Visit the Wildlife Garden

Horsey Windpump, Norfolk

Our wildlife garden at Horsey Windpump provides a home to many insects as well as bringing a splash of colour throughout the year. Perfect for wildlife spotting, you can often see Swallowtail Butterflies feeding during the summer months.


Spring sightings

West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath, Norfolk

Wildlife and wild flowers which you may be lucky enough to see on Incleborough Hill or at West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath.


Swallowtail Butterfly

Horsey Windpump, Norfolk

The Swallowtail Butterfly is the UK's largest and rarest butterfly and is only found in the Norfolk Broads.


Lady's smock

Parke, Devon

Lady's smock has many different common names, so you may well know this delicate flower under a different name.


Butterfly and dragonfly walks in the East of England

Beautiful butterflies and dazzling dragonflies can be seen in abundance across the East of England in the summer months. So why not see how many species you can spot?


Summer in the countryside at Ashridge

Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire

The hills are alive with the sound of birds, smell of wildflowers and sight of fluttering butterflies. Take a wander and experience our wildlife at its best.


Butterflies fluttering at Cotehele

Cotehele, Cornwall

Once a week between April and September, the rangers at Cotehele walk around the garden and estate measuring the health of the butterfly population.


Spring wildlife on Kinver Edge

Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses, Staffordshire

From butterflies to adders, slow worms to chiffchaffs; there's a fantastic array of wildlife to discover at Kinver Edge this Spring


'To be honest, I think I have my dream job'

Giant's Causeway, County Antrim

Find out more about the work of our conservation rangers


Wildlife at Marsden Moor

Marsden Moor Estate, West Yorkshire

Discover the variety of wildlife that call Marsden Moor their home.


Butterfly walks

Our top butterfly walks, chosen by our specialist butterfly volunteer Matthew Oates, will help you enjoy the best of the British summer.


Butterfly spotting in the Midlands

Butterflies in the UK are on the decline but here in the Midlands our landscapes and gardens are still some of the best places in the midlands to see them.


Butterfly walks in and around West Sussex

A butterfly dancing from blossom to flower is always a cheerful sight, these bright, colourful emblems of warmth and sunshine are perhaps our best-loved insects. Enjoy a stroll in the sunshine at some of our best Sussex butterfly spots.