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Have you ever wanted to have a go at brewing your own cider, making a rose arch or reading a compass? Follow one of our many how to guides and become an expert in something new in no time

Gently squash the mixture into all the holes in your pine cone
Painted homemade Easter eggs

Easter crafts how to guides 

Learn how to make Easter decorations and fun gifts from natural and recycled materials with our how to video guides. These easy to make craft ideas will bring some colourful Easter fun to your home and are a fantastic way to get creative with little ones.


How to spot a water vole

Are you an animal lover? Learn how to spot the signs of rare water voles, from the way they nibble vegetation to the paths they make near water. Plus, how to tell the difference between rat poo and water vole droppings...

Rose arch at Mottisfont

How to make a rose arch 

Always wanted a beautiful rose arch adorning your garden? Jonny Bass, Head Gardener at Mottisfont in Hampshire, where the Rose Garden is a summer highlight, explains how to make your very own rose arch in an easy step by step guide.

For families


How to teach kids to ride a bike

Traffic free trials and surrounded by nature - try our top tips to help your children ride a bike. Together with British Cycling and HSBC UK we’re helping children find their pedals.

Books on the shelves in the State Bedroom at Kingston Lacy, Dorset.

How to care for paper and books 

From children’s drawings and mysterious maps to cigarette cards and favourite books – simple handling and storage techniques can help these fragile objects last as long as your memories. Learn how to treasure your paper and books forever with this handy guide from our experts.

Close view of part of carved armchair, late 18th century, giltwood and gesso, from the Drawing Room at Ickworth

How to stop insects from destroying interiors 

Insects are essential to our ecosystem, indoors and out, but not so welcome when eating your favourite woolly jumper or carpet. But what can you do? Hilary Jarvis, one of the National Trust’s Assistant Preventive Conservators, shares some tips based on the methods used in our historic houses.

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Easter egg trail at home

River Wey and Godalming Navigations and Dapdune Wharf, Surrey

You can celebrate Easter while feeling connected to nature even when you’re at home with our fun and creative Easter egg at home trail.


How to... build a bee box

Giant's Causeway, County Antrim

Follow these steps to build your own nesting box to attract bees to your garden.


How to improve your bird spotting skills

Discover some top tips to help you improve your chances of spotting and identifying feathered friends in the British countryside.


How to make a twig heart

Mottisfont, Hampshire

At Mottisfont, we love to recycle our garden waste where possible. Trimmings from the lime walk are perfect for crafting, as they're brightly coloured and pliable. We're offering bundles that you can pick up for a suggested donation - why not make your own twig heart to give as a Valentine's Day gift, or for your own decoration?


How to make thermal lined curtains

Lauren Guthrie shows you how to make your own thermal curtains, which will help keep your home warm, saving energy and money.


How to have a greener Christmas

Christmas doesn't have to be a drain on the planet. By reducing waste, shopping locally and helping the community, you can have a joyful festive season - without the carbon footprint. Here are our tips for a greener Christmas.


How to care for your precious objects

Learn how to care for your most precious belongings, from wedding dresses and family photos to heirloom silver and porcelain with these handy guides compiled by our conservation experts.


How to make a rose arch

Jonny Bass, Head Gardener at Mottisfont, explains how to make your own rose arch in an easy step by step guide.


How to make wildflower seed balls

Why not add a splash of colour to the garden and provide a tasty snack for local bees and insects at the same time? Get little hands stuck in with these easy wildflower seed balls that you can just toss into the flowerbeds.


How to make cider

Mottisfont, Hampshire

Area Ranger Cat Hadler looks after the countryside of South West Hampshire, and loves to forage for wild ingredients. Every autumn, she'll be found in Mottisfont's Millenium Orchard and the surrounding woodlands gathering ripe apples and crab apples to make cider. Here's her step-by-step guide to creating your own.


How to climb trees

Here are some tips and tricks to help you to conquer tree-climbing safely. All you need is your courage, good grip and sense of adventure.


How to read a compass

Finding your way with a map and compass may seem tricky at first, but with this quick and easy guide, you'll be on the right track in no time at all.


Christmas crafts how-to guides

From paper chains and pine cones to scented orange slices, keep little fingers busy and learn how to make traditional decorations for a greener Christmas.