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Have you ever wanted to have a go at making your own bird feeder, learning to spot wildlife or gazing at the stars? Follow one of our many how to guides and become an expert in something new in no time

Visitors baking together in a National Trust kitchen
Tea cup bird feeder

How to make a bird feeder 

Why not give the birds in your garden a helping hand with these three easy-to-make bird feeders? They’re all made from recycled materials too.

Willow basket with lemons in it

How to green clean your home 

Get spring cleaning the natural way with our vintage life hacks to green clean your home. Learn how to get fresh washing with less energy, make surfaces sparkle, banish bad smells, clean windows and mirrors, and polish wood – all with the power of nature.

A bee house, Tintagel, Cornwall

How to build a bee box 

Bee populations have been dwindling in recent years and building homes is just one way of encouraging them to stick around. If you want to attract more bees into your garden, follow these steps to build your own bee box.

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In your garden

How to take photographs at night
Codger's Fort on the estate at Wallington, Northumberland

Podcast: Things that go click in the night

In this podcast episode, presenter Jo Dyson gets a masterclass in night time photography from astrophotographer, Steven Hanna. Listen to discover how you can use your camera to shed light on the secrets of the night.

In your home

Caring for your collections

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How to care for your precious objects

Learn how to care for your most precious belongings, from wedding dresses and family photos to heirloom silver and porcelain, with these handy guides compiled by our conservation experts.


Think like a bug and win the battle against household insect pests

Insects are essential to our ecosystem, indoors and out, but not so welcome when flying out of wardrobes or eating your favourite woolly jumper or carpet. What can you do? Hilary Jarvis, one of the National Trust’s Assistant National Conservators, shares some tips based on the latest findings and methods used in our historic houses to protect our collections, and reveals the most common pests of 2021.


Top family-friendly bakes

We've picked out top recipes to cook with kids. Quick, easy and delicious, take a look at recipes for cakes, biscuits and savoury snacks.


How to make fat cakes for birds

Would you like to give the birds in your neighbourhood a helping hand this winter? Fat cakes are a great way to keep your feathered friends happy and full over the winter and early spring. Learn how to make fat cakes to entice birds into your garden.


How to have a greener Christmas

Christmas doesn't have to be a drain on the planet. By reducing waste, shopping locally and helping wildlife, you can have a joyful festive season - without the carbon footprint. Here are our tips for a greener Christmas.


Christmas crafts how to guides

From paper chains and pine cones to scented orange slices, keep little fingers busy and learn how to make traditional decorations for a greener Christmas. Plus, watch our wreath-making masterclass video.


Make a bird feeder from recycled materials

Why not give the birds in your garden a helping hand, with these three easy-to-make bird feeders? What’s great about them is that they’re all made from recycled materials - a plastic bottle, toilet roll or chipped cup.


Top tips for pumpkin carving

Creating a spooky Halloween shouldn't have to have a frightening impact on the environment. Use seasonal veg to carve your way to fun decorations, then reuse the materials for delicious recipes. You might learn a thing or two about how far one pumpkin can go.


How to read a compass

Finding your way with a compass may seem tricky at first, but with this quick and easy guide, you'll be on the right track in no time at all.


How to make a natural Christmas wreath

Bring nature into your home this Christmas with a hand-made greenery wreath. It’s the perfect craft for the whole family, and you can compost the materials so it's environmentally friendly too.


How to garden in small spaces

Having a small outdoor space doesn’t need to limit your gardening options. Balcony gardener Alice Vincent has created a mini oasis in her London flat. In this article, Alice shares her top tips for gardening in small spaces. You can also listen to a podcast episode with her to hear how she went from gardening novice to an expert in micro gardening.


How to make a rose arch

Jonny Bass, previously the Head Gardener at Mottisfont, explains how to make your own rose arch in an easy step by step guide.


How to... build a bee box

Follow these steps to build your own nesting box to attract bees to your garden.


How to make wildflower seed balls

Why not add a splash of colour to the garden and provide a tasty snack for local bees and insects at the same time? Get little hands stuck in with these easy wildflower seed balls that you can just toss into the flowerbeds.


How to make thermal lined curtains

Lauren Guthrie shows you how to make your own thermal curtains, which will help keep your home warm, saving energy and money.


How to make cider

Mottisfont, Hampshire

Area Ranger Cat Hadler looks after the countryside of South West Hampshire, and loves to forage for wild ingredients. Every autumn, she'll be found in Mottisfont's Millenium Orchard and the surrounding woodlands gathering ripe apples and crab apples to make cider. Here's her step-by-step guide to creating your own.


How to climb trees

Here are some tips and tricks to help you to conquer tree-climbing safely. All you need is your courage, good grip and sense of adventure.