How well do you know National Trust places?

Sunset over Lizard Point, Cornwall

How much do you know about the National Trust in Cornwall and around Plymouth? Here's a challenge for you and your family to complete (and compete with).

  1. Which special place has a kitchen garden built to the dimensions of Noah’s Ark?
  2. Where can you find a jungle-like valley and beach all in one place?

  3. What landmark is also the point where the Atlantic currents collide?

  4. Name the place deemed the most fashionable house in Cornwall in the 17th century.

  5. Which National Trust place in Cornwall has its own peninsula?

  6. Which special place houses four different types of Chinese wallpaper installed circa 1750 which are undoubtedly beautiful and extremely rare.

  7. What is (allegedly) the smallest property owned by the National Trust?

  8. Which grand house survived a devasting fire, to be subsequently refashioned in high Victorian style?

  9. Where is often described as a grand house on a Cornish scale?

  10. Name the beguiling house and gardens used as a film location by Tim Burton for his blockbuster, Alice in Wonderland.

  11. Which special place is often known for being the birthplace of modern communication?

  12. How much does each mile of coastline cost the National Trust to care for and maintain?

  13. Where will you find the Crowns engine houses clinging to the clifftops?