It's great to see the wildlife back on this Sussex farm

Roly Puzey at Saddlescombe Farm, Sussex

Roly and Camilla Puzey aim to produce the best quality meat through high animal welfare while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Saddlescombe Farm covers 182 hectares (450 acres) of the South Downs National Park. Although it is run as a traditional sheep and beef farm the couple are maximising the space for nature.

This includes making plenty of space for nature on the farm and managing their fields and grassland in a way that encourages native species to make it their home.  

‘We get a huge amount of enjoyment from seeing the wildlife on the farm and knowing we are also making a healthier environment,' says Roly.

Orchids and corn bunting

'In summer you can see a vast array of orchids and other wildflowers,’ says Camilla. ‘There are skylarks and yellow hammers. If you're lucky you might see a corn bunting.'

It’s also something that the couple are proud to share. They are keen to involve the community and invite local schools for days out on the farm.

'We know that what we have here is a holistic system,’ says Camilla. ‘It’s the right way to ensure we have healthy stock animals and wildlife on the farm.'

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