Junior Rangers

Tredegar House is an ideal place for kids to enjoy the great outdoors. The sprawling estate of parkland is full of wild spaces to explore and plenty of wildlife to discover. With so much outdoor space to explore, Community Engagement Officer, Philip Wilson, told us how their Junior Rangers Club is helping local children reconnect with nature.

The Junior Rangers Club was established in 2013 and in our first year more than 500 kids enjoyed taking part in a range of fun and exciting activities over the duration of the year.

Run in partnership with some of our family volunteers, Junior Rangers Club provides a variety of activities for kids. The summer programme includes den building, bird spotting, outdoor music workshops and discovering pond life. In the winter we have done star-gazing sessions, run conker championships, raft building and made leave crowns among many other things.

Every time the kids come to a session they receive a stamp and six stamps gets them a prize and a free entry ticket to the house.

Star gazing with Junior Rangers
Star gazing with Junior Rangers
Star gazing with Junior Rangers

Why Junior Rangers?               

Junior Rangers helps us connect with our closest neighbours and we wanted to find a way to encourage families in the area to come and use our fantastic park. By showing the kids how they can enjoy the park to its full potential and in a fun and engaging way we hope that they’ll find a connection with Tredegar House and to enjoy what’s on offer here.

Do kids enjoy Junior Rangers?

Our feedback over the years has been overwhelmingly positive. Kids have the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy new experiences.

When can we join in the fun?

Junior Rangers runs during the spring and autumn school terms. Please check the events section of our website for detailed dates. 

" I love being outdoors and exploring nature and history. At Junior Rangers we have lots of fun and learn different things. I enjoy volunteering because I like helping people and I have made lots of new friends."
- Seven-year-old Seren Lewis, Junior Rangers Family Volunteer