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Podcast host Alan Power interviewing the gardening team at Stowe

Whether you seek the adventure of our outdoor spaces, the tranquillity of our gardens or the history and culture of our places, National Trust podcasts offer you a new way to experience the wonders of the National Trust.

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visitors in the maze summerhouse at Glendurgan Garden

A tropical garden at Glendurgan 

Join us on a journey through a tropical Cornish paradise at Glendurgan Garden – where lush rolling valleys meet the sea, and exotic plants grow alongside native wildflowers. We get to know the Fox family, who laid down the plans for the garden back in the 1820s, and still live in the house today. And we’ll navigate the mind-bending maze that continues to puzzle visitors of all ages, and embodies the spirit of play in which Glendurgan was conceived.

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