Monterey Pine on High Close tree trail

Monterey Pine

This species is the most widely planted pine in the world.

Latin name

Pinus radiate

A few facts about the Monterey Pine

Despite being highly cultivated through many temperate areas of the world, it actually faces serious threats within its native habitat along the central coast of California. The three main stands of Monterey pine along this coastline are infected with pine pitch canker caused by a fungal pathogen, and face local extinction.

These trees are adapted to a harsh climate. The seed cones have evolved to only be opened by the heat of a forest fire, after which the seeds will regenerate on the burnt forest floor. The roots of the Monterey will grow deep underground to reach water; the longest known was 12m underground.

One native Monterey stand in California is a prime wintering habitat of the monarch butterfly, the insect famed for its thousand-mile migration across North America.