Our work at Newark Park

William Morris ceiling paper at Newark Park, Gloucestershire

The National Trust is a champion for conservation, tourism and community. As a major local attraction most of our work is made possible through extensive volunteering most of which come from the local area. The aim is to increase participation and a sense of local ownership with both supporters and the general public as a whole.

People power

  • We have over 101 volunteers
  • We host local events and markets
  • We offer internships and work opportunities
  • We work closely with various community groups
  • We help to showcase local artistic talent through our exhibitions
  • We buy locally to support small businesses
  • We involve people in their local heritage

Precious paper

The King family decorated much of the house in William Morris paper, however the dining room is the only place where it survives. The ceiling paper was hand blocked, designed in 1881 and put up in 1898 (it is the same paper used in the banqueting hall at St James' Palace in London). In 2007 the National Trust gave this special wallpaper its first ever clean and repair.

Building conservation

  • Conservation and repair of our unusual carved stone gateposts
  • Structural maintainance of our garden buildings
  • Restoration of glass in the great east window
  • Regular condition and conservation reports
  • Conservation cleaning
  • Victorian glass windows removed and Tudor style windows reinstated
  • Stables re-roofed

Repairs to ancient gates and walls

With the help of local National Trust supporter groups we cleaned and restored a number of outstanding carved gate posts around the estate.

Estate management for the future

Following a new conservation management plan conducted this year, we have great plans for the future conservation of our stretch of the Cotswold AONB. 

Sustainable biodiversity

We do our best to encourage biodiversity in our landscape. Recently nesting boxes have been placed to stimulate the habitation of dormice, various birds and our large population of lesser horseshoe bats.

Care of our countryside

  • Garden maintenance
  • Protection of our landscape for local wildlife
  • Stabilisation of the rock garden cliff and paths
  • Care of the woods, to promote sustainable growth and protected vistas
  • Encourage the use of organic farming on our estate
  • Encourage knowledge and interest in the outdoors