Protecting the chough and wildflowers by the coast

The return of choughs to Cornwall and keeping the rich environment around the coast healthy.

The chough

With their distinctive red legs and red bills the chough has been associated with Cornwall for centuries, but by 1973 they had disappeared as a result of trophy hunting and the degredation of their habitat.
In 1990 the National Trust and its partners re-introduced a grazing and management regime for the coastal cliffs and headland to re-establish the habitats to attract wildlife and in 2001, to the delight of many, the chough returned.
They have continued to breed ever since, but continue to need our support – it costs £10,000 a year to manage and restore the chough habitat, to monitor and protect nesting birds, and to promote awareness of how this work benefits the chough and other native species.

Reseeding wildflower meadows at Ringstead Bay

Ringstead Bay in Dorset is an unspoilt sweep of shingle beach with clear safe water for bathing and rock pools to explore. A walk along the coast path leads to the chalk headland at White Nothe, a haven for wildlife including roe deer, foxes and badgers. Adjoining farmland and cliffs are covered with wildflowers and butterflies. But these natural habitats are at risk.
To create these wildflower rich meadows we have planted a mile of new hedge, removed scrub from an old meadow and dug two new ponds. However we still have 830 metres of hedging to plant at approximately £20 per metre and 23 hectares of meadow to reseed at approximately £2000 per hectare. The total cost of helping us restore and keep Ringstead Bay rich in wildlife is £62,600. By supporting our work on the coast you can help to make this happen.

A coast without wildlife? 

Imagine a coast without plants and animals? Our coast is a rich environment for wildlife and habitats, many of which are under constant threat from development, access and erosion. Coast cared for by the National Trust means it is protected forever for wildlife to thrive. If we want this to continue we need to find ways to enrich nature whilst at the same time providing access for people.
The National Trust is a conservation charity that relies on the generous support of members, volunteers and donors. Please give a donation, however small and help keep our coast special for nature and for future generations to enjoy.
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