Close up of a young, female, grey seal

Need some help to discover seals at our special places? We've got it covered.

Whilst they might look clumsy on land you should see these creatures underwater. Around the UK you can spot grey seals and common seals. They both spend a lot of time at sea but they do come ashore to breed.
You can see seals on coastal walks, boat trips or even dive with them on the Farne Islands or at Lundy. For families, the boat trip to Blakeney Point is a must. Kids can count how many seals they see and sometimes the inquisitive creatures pop up and swim around the boat, taking a look at their human visitors.
‘The boat trip is the perfect way to see seals. The boats don’t disturb them and last winter we had over 1000 pups on Blakeney Point. Grey seal pups are born in the dunes and stay there until they lose their fluffy white fur. If you do come in autumn or winter make sure you wrap up warm as it can get pretty chilly on the boat.’
- Ajay Tegala, coastal ranger, Blakeney

Places to spot seals:

  • Blakeney Point
  • Norfolk
  • Farne Islands
  • Northumberland
  • Giant’s Causeway
  • County Antrim