The importance of making space for nature in Sussex

Paul Crawley at Courthill Farm, Sussex

Working with nature to produce high quality meat is the goal for Paul and Madeleine Crawley on their 267 hectare (660 acre) organic farm.

To do this, they are making sure there are plenty of hedges and areas of wildflowers. These provide food and refuge for insects, birds and animals.

'Right now our flower margins are ablaze with colour,’ says Madeleine. ‘It looks fabulous. We’ve also got colourful clovers and the blue flowers of chicory growing in the paddocks.

Making a difference

'It’s really made a difference.  There have been lots of new bird and mammal sightings, including a new pair of barn owls. And we regularly see red kites flying over the fields.’

The couple have a beef herd of about 75 breeding females along with 500 LLeyn sheep.

Paul Crawley says: 'I love farming and want to work with the environment. Organic farming definitely benefits the environment as a whole.'