The kitchen garden, Knightshayes Court, Devon

Wheelbarrow full of freshly picked vegetables in the garden in July at Knightshayes Court

Step back in time and immerse yourself in Knightshayes’ two-and-a-half-acre walled kitchen garden with fairytale turrets, specialising in varieties of produce grown in Victorian times. It offers a unique chance to see a vast collection of crops which are now almost extinct – including 102 varieties of heritage tomatoes.

The Outside In garden is a 100-foot-long poly-tunnel dedicated to growing heritage vegetables, fruit and flowers - the seeds from which are saved to ensure their survival.
The kitchen garden supplies the restaurant and Tiverton town market all year round, providing rare vegetables such as oca, mashua and achoccha, alongside treats like Knightshayes chutney.
Younger visitors can enjoy the pizza making workshop, where they're shown how to harvest and top their pizzas with freshly picked vegetables.