Volunteer at Wentworth Castle Gardens

Volunteer Garden Guide speaks to visitors about the Kneeling Slave

We're looking for volunteers to join us on our journey at Wentworth Castle Gardens.

There are eight new volunteer roles that you can apply for. 

The roles cover a wide range of areas, including gardeners, rangers, and retail.
This is an opportunity for the community to play a vital role in helping reopen
the site and provide a warm welcome for visitors once again. 

volunteer drives family in a buggy
volunteer drives family in a buggy
volunteer drives family in a buggy

Successful volunteers will receive training and support, travelling costs and
flexible hours along with further opportunities to volunteer with their family.

To find out details of all the new roles, click on the links below or call 01226 776040 to have a chat to the team:

•    Welcome assistant
•    Family champion
•    Garden guide
•    Retail assistant and visual merchandiser
•    Buggy driver and car park assistant
•    Ranger
•    Gardener

" We want Wentworth Castle Gardens to be a place where things are possible, where hundreds of people come together to make this place what it is. We urge to local community to come and contribute, have your voice heard, share your pride and sense of place, come and be part of the movement."
- Rose Stanyon, Partnership and Participation Manager at Wentworth Castle Gardens