Wildlife in the East of England

Our places in the East of England provide homes for lots of different wildlife. Wicken Fen is a haven for insects including 22 different species of dragonfly, Orford Ness is the perfect resting place for birds on migration, and the biggest seal colony in England can be found at Blakeney Point.

Wicken Fen  - Common blue butterfly

Winter wildlife in the East of England

It may sometimes appear that there's little wildlife to see during the winter months, but in fact there's plenty to see when you know where to look.


Spring wildlife in the East of England

For many birdwatchers and wildlife lovers, spring is an exciting time of the year. When will you hear the first sound of a cuckoo or spot the first swallow?


Blakeney Point seals its place in the record books

The final count is in and rangers at Blakeney National Nature Reserve confirm this year’s grey seal pups have broken all previous records, with 2,700 pups born this winter.

Published : 10 Jan 2018


Butterfly and dragonfly walks in the East of England

Beautiful butterflies and dazzling dragonflies can be seen in abundance across the East of England in the summer months. So why not see how many species you can spot?


£1.6 million project to help revive a Norfolk river

Otter sightings are on the rise in the River Gadder at Oxburgh Hall and there's more good news, as we embark on an even bigger restoration project for the River Bure.

Published : 02 Aug 2018


The resurgence of the otter at Oxburgh Hall

Keep your eyes peeled, as otter sightings are on the rise in the River Gadder in Norfolk, after work took place at Oxburgh Hall to improve a stretch of river that runs through the estate.

Published : 02 Aug 2018 Last update : 08 Aug 2019


Autumn wildlife in the East of England

Autumn’s a great time of year to go wildlife spotting. As our conservation work of their habitats continues and the season advances, you’ll see vibrant colours interspersed with the signs of nature all around you.


Weird and wonderful insects in the East of England

Without insects our lives would be very different, they help keep the balance of nature. Butterflies, dragonflies, bees and beetles, they all help keep the natural world turning and here are some to look out for in the East of England.