Wildlife spotting tips and tricks

Bird mid-flight at Trevose Head

Connecting with nature can bring a sense of continuity and calm. Whether it be on a walk, from your window or in your garden, here are some tips for looking out for nature.

1. There's a lot of wildlife to see, if you know how to look.

2. Be very quiet

Many animals will be scared away by loud voices and heavy footsteps, so be as quiet and as still as possible. It's a great opportunity for a moment of calm and relaxation.  


3. Know what you're looking for

Familiarising yourself with the different species that live in the UK can make it much easier to spot them. You could dig out your old wildlife books or encyclopaedias to help identify common species. Or look online for apps, guides and blogs, such as this blog post:

4. Bring binoculars

It's hard to get close up to many animals, so a pair of binoculars is great for seeing them in more detail.


5. Be patient

Be prepared to wait for a while, and remember that some of the species are more timid than others.


6. Create nature friendly feeders, homes and gardens to help encourage wildlife closer to you