The owners of Ightham Mote

The modest ambition of Ightham Mote's owners are the reason that the house has survived. The original builder, although unknown, was clearly someone of wealth. The rest were squires, sheriffs, MPs, even courtiers, but they never aspired to higher office or lavish entertainment, and were mostly indifferent to changes in fashion. But who were they?

Stone effigy of Thomas Cawne at Ightham Church

The Cawnes - our earliest known owners

A man of chivalry and virtue? The medieval knights are not how we imagine them and Sir Thomas Cawne is no exception.

The courtyard, with Victorian dog kennel

The Hautes of Ightham Mote - a family with influence

Find our about the Hautes of Ightham Mote - a family at the forefront of one of the most fascinating periods of English history.

Detail of Richard Clement's funerary brass

Richard Clement - Ightham Mote's Royal Courtier

Richard Clement, a force to be reckoned with in 16th century Kent. His life would make a great novel.

Painting of Dame Dorothy appearing between a curtain, with red hair, white face, elaborate lace ruff and period Elizabethan dress.

The Selbys - Ightham Mote's longest reigning family

With nearly 300 years at Ightham Mote, here's a glimpse into the lives of our longest reigning family, the Selbys.

Sir Thomas Coyer-Fergusson stands in the grass-covered cobbled central courtyard at Ightham Mote.

Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson

Thomas Colyer-Fergusson bought Ightham Mote when he was 24-years old and set about turning it into a gentleman's country residence.

Ducks swimming on the south side of the moat, with the house in need of some repair.

Local businessmen to the rescue

With the house up for sale and in a sorry state of repair, three local businessmen came up with a rescue plan...

Portrait of Charles Henry Robinson, the American businessman who gave Ightham Mote to the National Trust

Mr Robinson, the last private owner

The last owner of Ightham Mote was an American Businessman, Charles Henry Robinson.