Bringing your canine friends

Family walking with their dog in part of the open parkland at Knightshayes, Devon

We love furry friends here at Knightshayes. You can find some more information about where you can take them below. We ask that dogs should be kept on a lead in the parkland areas adjacent to the driveway, for their own safety. Elsewhere in the parkland, and the woodland, dogs may be exercised off the lead and kept under close control. It's also important to be aware of other visitors; some people are uncomfortable around even the friendliest dog.

Where can we explore?

You can find out more about where you can walk and other information in our downladable leaflet.

A dog's guide to Knightshayes (PDF / 0.7MB) download

Discover the formal garden during winter

From November until the end of February, dogs on leads are able to access our woodland garden.


Taking care

Much of the time there is livestock grazing in our fields and at those times, we would expect all owners to ensure their dogs are on the lead. We ask that you take special care during lambing.

Put a little step into spring
lamb in the field at Ickworth

Keeping it clean

Please help Knightshayes remain a beautiful place for all by being responsible and clearing up after your dog. There are dog poo bins next to most pedestrian entrance and exit points of the estate.

dog sat on bench with geocache at Knightshayes


We've got a number of geocaches hidden about our parkland. Why not try finding them with your dog? For more information about geocaching, here's some more details.