Orienteering for schools at Knightshayes

Orienteering in South Snowdonia

If you're looking for a orienteering course to try out with your school or community group, then Knightshayes has a range of courses which are perfect for beginners and those with experience.

At Knightshayes, there are five courses at varying levels of difficulty.
Yellow: 1.9km
Star 2: 2km
Star 1: 2.5km
Orange: 2.3km
Light Green: 3.7km

School groups

Knightshayes welcomes school groups to use the orienteering course. 
Orienteering is a great cross curricular activity which allows students to draw on numeracy and geography whilst promoting fitness and love for our natural environment.

Guides and Scout groups

Leaders can use the Knightshayes orienteering course to help meet badge requirements for brownies, guides, scouts and beavers.
We can provide resources in order for you to visit with your group on a self led basis and meet requirements to obtain badges such as:

Orienteering badge

Out and About badge

Map reading activity badge

Orienteer activity badge

You can get in touch with us to obtain the resources required, such as copies of the maps, countryside code and the green cross code etc.

Getting in touch

If you're interested in bringing your youth group of school to Knightshayes then feel free to email us to book in and to arrange resources.


Single course map:
1-20 copies: £16
21-30 copies: £25
31-40 copies: £35
Two courses:
1-20 copies: £25
21-30 copies: £35
31-40 copies: £45

If you require more copies then simply get in touch.