Signs of spring to spot at Knightshayes

Knightshayes in flower with sun shining in spring

It's the time of the year when the frost fades away, but fresh air remains, flushing away those wintery cobwebs and revealing signs of new fauna and flora.

Colour aplenty

The lawns reveal a carpet of colour as crocus pop up all throughout the garden. There's also an abundance of daffodils and hyacinths as you walk along the paths around the garden. Keep your eyes peeled for snowdrops which have almost finished flowering, as well as bluebells injecting new colour to the beds beneath trees. 

Camelias of all colours

Take a camellia walk around the garden. There's a whole range of colours and varieties of Camellia in the plant collection at Knightshayes, be prepared to keep your eyes peeled for a displays all around the garden. 

Michael's Wood

Through this part of the garden, you'll be able to see a number of rhododendrons bursting into life, with plenty of buds ready to flower. Be sure to spot the 'rhododendron falconeri' and 'grevillea rosmarinifolia jenkins'.

Sir John's Wood

In this area of the garden, there's a range of Pieris to spot, with the 'pieris japonica' already blossomed into its fiery colour, and the 'peiris formoca' soon to be flowering.  There's also many snowdrops and bluebells in this area. 

spring garden in full bloom at knightshayes

Holly's Wood

You can't miss the magnolia along this wide grassy area. It's a great spot to take a picture, with a view over the pool garden and Tiverton. Later in spring, this area is edged with vivid purple rhododendrons, too.

Garden in the Wood and South Garden

In these areas, you'll spot a delicate cherry blossom ready to flower, and plenty of jolly, colorful hellebores. 

If you'd like to know the different sections of the garden, then feel free to download this PDF map.
Knightshayes garden map of areas (PDF / 0.0966796875MB) download

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