The kitchen garden at Knightshayes

Gardeners working in the walled garden

This two-and-a-half-acre walled kitchen garden with fairytale turrets is home to a vast collection of crops which are now almost extinct – including 102 varieties of heritage tomatoes.

Restoration of Knightshayes' kitchen garden

The garden has not always been so green and full of beautiful, delicious things. What is there today is the result of many layers of history and hard work.  

The kitchen garden was finished in 1876, and was designed by Burges, at the same time as the house. The influence of Burges can be spotted from the turrets and the style of the walls, like a castle. 

Sadly, the garden declined following the First World War, as most young men went off to fight, leaving a skeleton staff. By the Second World War, numbers had declined yet further, though the garden was still used to help produce supplies when the main house was used as a hospital during both world wars. Wider commercial availability of fruit and vegetables also meant the garden ceased to be cost effective, as more and more produce was brought into the estate.  

Visitors in the Walled Garden at Knightshayes
Visitors in the Walled Garden at Knightshayes
Visitors in the Walled Garden at Knightshayes

In the 1970’s, the garden had grown over and been abandoned due it becoming too expensive to run. The garden was put to bed for over 40 years and used as grazing and even an overflow carpark.

In 1999, a project was undertaken to restore the kitchen garden to its former glory and by 2003 it was fully productive again. We are now continuing our fundraising for its ongoing restoration, which is looking to rebuild one of the original Victorian glass houses.


Spirit of the Victorians

The kitchen garden at Knightshayes was built during the peak of the Victorian obsession with productive gardens. Considered by many to be a high art, the vegetable and fruit growing that took place within these walls would have showcased the latest growing techniques.

Today, the garden team aim to work in the spirit of the Victorians, embracing innovation and new varieties whilst still looking to preserve our vegetable growing history. To do this, we use many heritage seeds, which include 146 different tomatoes!

Productive garden

Unusually for a restored garden, all the produce grown at Knightshayes is harvested and used. Despite its ornamental presentation, it’s actually an exemplary working kitchen garden and the fruit and vegetables grown can feature on the Stables Café menu throughout the year. 

We also supply the local Pannier Market in Tiverton for around seven months of the year. Visitors can even serve up a taste of Knightshayes at home by visiting the Shop to see what freshly picked seasonal produce is for sale.

Squashes in the kitchen garden at Knightshayes
squashes in the vegetable garden at Knightshayes
Squashes in the kitchen garden at Knightshayes


Thriving garden community

As the kitchen garden is a large scale, productive and organically cultivated garden, it takes the dedication of a strong team of staff and volunteers to keep it thriving. Kitchen gardeners Bev, Sam and Ed enjoy the camaraderie of working with our large team of enthusiastic volunteers and always welcome new recruits. You will see the team out in the garden so do say hello and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Plenty to see 

Whichever month you visit, there’s plenty to see. From an abundance of rhubarb, to plentiful pumpkins for Halloween, there’s always something to spot.