What to spot when walking in the woodland garden this spring

Wisteria in bloom in the garden at Knightshayes, Devon

The garden continues to boast a medley of beautiful colours during May, particularly the garden in the wood which looks even more stunning than usual during the early summer.

After having had the winter and early spring to rest the grass, and given the chance to repair itself, visitors are able to explore all these small intimate paths that wind around the shrubs, trees and peat block terraces.
The main feature for May and June are the Rhododendron azalea (Azaleas) with their vivid displays of pinks, reds, oranges, purples and yellows which infuse the whole area. All around there are herbaceous perennials starting to come out. The numerous Acer’s new leaves add help make the space feel secluded, and like your own secret garden within a woodland glade amongst the mature Scots Pines and Black Pines and Quercus species (Oak).
At the top of the boy and girl steps, you’ll be dazzled by a vibrant yellow Rhododendron luteum. It gives off a sweet perfume which fills the air and it’s the point at which you’ll notice the garden in the wood beyond.
Around the rest of the garden there are several large Rhododendrons in full bloom with bursts of rich colour to draw you around the garden paths which meander through richly scented and colourful displays.

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