What to spot in the gardens this winter

A daphne shrub in the sun at Knightshayes

The garden at Knightshayes is a spectacular sight during the spring and summer, but there’s no winter blues here during the colder months. The garden boasts beauty in a different way, with new buds and scents appearing.

What to look out for in the garden in the winter

What are we up to?

The team are still busy mulching, lightly pruning, taking care of the lawns and continuing to nurture the garden to keep it in top form. The leaves may have long left the branches of the trees in the woodland garden, but it means the clearer view across the garden brings a new way for our visitors to see the garden.

Here are our tips of what to keep your eyes peeled for:

Paved Garden and Chase Lawn:

In the beds opposite the chasing hounds topiary, alongside the paved garden, you can spot vibrant violet muscari (Muscari armeniacum).

St John’s Wood:

Let your nose lead you to the next shrub you should make sure to pass on your walk around the garden. Daphne (Daphne) bears flowers with a strong but delicate and beautiful scent. You’ll smell it long before you see it, but it’s an evergreen shrub with dainty, pink flowers.

Holly’s Wood:

In this area towards the Cedar House, the vivid yellow Witch hazel (Hamamellis x intermedia ‘Pallida’) is a vision of colour amongst the darker shrubs. It’s around this section that you can keep your eyes peeled for the jolly Hellebores (Helleborus) with their nodding flowers that are scattered all around bringing Winter colour and life into the garden.

Garden in the Wood:

From the paths surrounding the garden in the wood, you’ll be able to see the early Camellias (Camellia) bushes. These vivid, plump flowers certainly won’t be hard to spot. Near these, you’ll also be able to see some early Rhododendrons (Rhododendron) bursting into life.

Of course, be sure to keep eyes peeled for the seasonal dainty Snowdrops and sprouting Crocus.’