Fancy a spot of scything?

We'll be taking part in National Meadow day again this year, marking the fourth year of this annual celebration of wild meadows. Join us on Saturday 7 July 2018 to learn all about scything and even have a go. It's a great opportunity to embrace your inner Poldark (don't worry, topless scything is not recommended) and find out about the work we do to promote wildflower growth at Knightshayes.

Volunteers scything and raking the driveway at Nuffield Place

What's National Meadow Day?
A typical meadow can be home to over 150 species of wild plants and flowers. These are essential resources that support our other wildlife. Bird’s-foot trefoil is a foodplant for 160 species of insect. Many wild bees rely on meadows for a supply of nectar and pollen

National Meadows Day is dedicated to celebrating and protecting our vanishing wildflower meadows and the wealth of wildlife they support. There'll be events all over the UK, such as scything, wildflower walks and picnics. 

At Knightshayes, our ranger team is passionate about preserving natural meadows and promoting the growth of wildflowers. In the past four years, the range of wildflowers found at Knightshayes has steadily increased and we'll continue to play a part in contributing to reversing the devastating trend of the destruction of wildflower meadows.
What's happening at Knightshayes?
From 10am to 4pm, you can try your hand at scything with a professional scyther, Andi Rikard. She'll be able to talk about how scything still is importatn and used today, whilst demonstrating traditional techniques. It's completely free of charge, just drop by when you visit. 

children running through long grass in Knightshayes parkland with view of the mansion behind them.

Fancy a spot of scything? 

If you want to know more about this event, then click here for more details about the day.

Sparkling frosty parkland in the winter at Knightshayes

Explore beautiful parkland 

Let the kids run wild in acres of parkland while you enjoy the stunning views on offer.