Attic secrets revealed at last

To visit Lavenham Guildhall is to immerse yourself in 500 years of history. From Medieval Guilds through Victorian innovation and upheaval to our role in WW2, the Guildhall brings to life stories of hardship and heroics, joy and sadness, triumph and loss. Here, you’ll find the characters that influenced its history, transporting you back through time with the stories of their lives.

And now we have added to those personal stories with a new exhibition: Secrets from the Attic.
A christening dress from the 1860s, a child’s pencil drawings with a tragic past, a soldier’s sweetheart token and a prized doll, all brought together from the attic archive, revealing the lives of a few of those who lived in the Guildhall in particular, and Lavenham in general.
These exhibits give a remarkable insight into a few of the everyday people who lived and worked in Lavenham and whose possessions and stories shed new light on what life was like back then, brought together to give a snapshot of personal history and put together by and with contributions and help from the Lavenham Exhibition & Museum Trust and Graham Pattrick.