Big spinning day at the Guildhall

Lavenham was once famous for spinning wool, seeing Lavenham boom in the late 15th Century through wealth from the wool trade. Come and join us on 20 August for another special day of demonstrations.

These days we’re thinking more than ever about recycling, conservation and most recently an increased awareness about the issue of plastic waste.

Conservation and recycling are core values at the heart of the National Trust philosophy and here at the Guildhall we are playing our part in this process. Our conservation projects use local skills and tradesmen and we have adopted a lower energy profile and regularly recycle wherever possible.
What has all this to do with spinning? Well, ‘Lavenham blue cloth’ was exported worldwide hundreds of years ago and the village has direct historical connections with both the cloth and spinning trades.

We hold regular spinning demonstrations every Thursday in the Guildhall and outside in the gardens behind the Guildhall you can see plants growing that have been used down the centuries to create the traditional blue dye that made Lavenham cloth so sought after.
On August 20 we’re doing something a little different. We’re holding the second of this years ‘Big Spinning Days’.

A group of volunteer spinners will be taking over the main hall at the Guildhall and as well as normal hand spinning demonstrations using traditional woollen yarns, they’ll be spinning using such diverse materials as sustainable bamboo and possum fibres and even fibres from recycled plastic bottles.
Drop by and we’ll show you what it’s all about. We’ll tell you something of the fascinating historical connections Lavenham has with the cloth trade, show you how it made princes and paupers of some of those medieval merchants that lived here and ultimately created the village we see today. 
You may never see a piece of cloth in the same light again.