Fun for families at Lavenham Guildhall

Educational as well as fun, with each room telling a different story about the Guildhall or Lavenham there’s lots to learn about medieval building and farming methods, famous Lavenham blue cloth and more.

Guildhall garden and jailhouse

Come, take a look at our  courtyard garden and its dye plants, which have been used since medieval times. Plus, there is the small village jailhouse where you can see what it would have been like to be locked up. 

Food and drink

The Guildhall tea room has plenty to offer with a selection of home made cakes, delicious sausage rolls, light lunches and snacks from our kitchen. The tea room is a great meeting place to catch up with friends and family before exploring the delights of Lavenham village.

Family fun

  • Dicsover memories of Lavenham's richest merchants, who got rich during the boom period of medieval Lavenham. See how they showed their wealth in the design of the buildings we see today.  
  • Feel what it was like to be a Tudor or wartime child by dressing up in a selection of clothes you can try on.
  • Learn about life as a prisoner at the Guildhall when the main building was a jail. You can see what it was like though the eyes of Ann Baker who was imprisoned here aged 12. 
  • Understand what it would have been like to be in the workhouse in the late 1700's, there were many poor families at this time had no choice but to send their children here.
  • See one of the oldest fire engines which is almost 300 years old in the garden!
  • Ever seen a mumified cat? Discover Rameses when you visit.
A firm favourite with visitors; Rammeses the mummified cat
See Rammeses  the mummified cat  in the lavenham guildhall
A firm favourite with visitors; Rammeses the mummified cat