Rainy Days and Sunny Days are Discovery Days

Family at the amillary sphere at the Lavenham Guildhall, Suffolk

If you're visiting the Guildhall Tea Room and enjoying your tasty treats in the courtyard garden here are a few suggestions for things to look out for using your 5 senses... you're never too old to play, so try some of our suggestions below.

There's always plenty to see and do on in the courtyard garden, but here's a few suggestions for all ages to spark your curiosity, look a little closer and explore what this Lavenham has to offer.

  1. Spot what wildlife is in the garden with our spotter sheets.
  2. Love butterflies? See what's in the garden today with this spotter sheet.
  3. Cloud watching - what creatures and shapes can you see?
  4. Play 'The Sounds of nature' bingo!
  5. Smell those heady fragrances coming from the roses.
  6. Go on a mini adventure and come prepared following the handy hints and tips here.
  7. Conduct a micro-safari and discover what's growing in the brick walls.
  8. Imagine the hustle and bustle of the courtyard when the Guildhall was a Bridewell.
  9. Make up your own story about what the Guildhall has seen through the centuries - if those walls could talk!
  10. Listen to the breeze moving though the leaves and just breathe....

If you've got good mobile signal, why not explore the history of the Guildhall elsewhere on our website too.

And finally, to stretch your curiosity, and your legs even more, there's our famous walks around the village. A gentle stroll for all the family and enjoy discovering some of Lavenham's most famous historic houses, all delightfully crooked of course and each with a story to tell.