Come rain...

Enjoy a cup of tea and homemade cake at Lavenham Guildhall

With its unique character, Lavenham and its Guildhall is the perfect place to visit on a rainy day

  • Spend time exploring the history of Lavenham
  • Its quiet streets means there'll be fewer queues
  • Don't forget our scones

Come shine...

The courtyard garden at Lavenham Guildhall

On a sunny day, Lavenham is picture-perfect, with its beautiful buildings framed by clear blue skies

Come anytime...

Visit Lavenham Guildhall for culture and cake!

Today, Lavenham's streets are lined with galleries, tea-rooms and quaint shops, along with over 320 houses of historic interest.

Visit the Guildhall to uncover the history of the village and its people, and lovely cake.