50 things springtime adventures

Take in the sights, sounds and smells of spring - the best time to start ticking off activities from the 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ list. Watch stars twinkling in the night sky, take a refreshing dip in the sea and help a caterpillar find its wings.

A caterpillar sits on a nettle leaf

Bring up a butterfly (or moth) 

Help a wriggling caterpillar find its wings. Watch it emerge from its silken cocoon as a butterfly or moth before it eventually flutters over the flower heads.

Child climbing a tree at Crom, County Fermanagh

Climb a tree 

Follow in the path of squirrels and birds by scaling some of our best climbing trees. Take a breather on a comfortable branch and listen to the sounds of nature as you peek through the leaves.

Family at Lanhydrock garden

Enjoy the flowers 

Explore one of our luscious gardens and have a go at painting the colourful flowers that bloom there. Use your paints and crayons to create your artwork and take a piece of spring home with you. Have you got a glut daffodils in your own garden? Why not get the flower press out and add them to your masterpiece?

A close up of frog spawn in a pond

Find some frog spawn 

Frog spawn is amazing. Watch it wobble like jelly in a slow moving stream in March. Can you see any tiny tadpoles growing under hundreds of transparent bubbles?

Star photography at Brimham Rocks

No.27 Go stargazing 

On a clear night lie flat on your back and watch the sky start to glitter with stars. The spring night sky means you don’t need to stay out too late to see the stars, so it can be a great time for families to start sharing the magic of stargazing.

Family cycling through Leigh Woods, Bristol

Saddle up

You’ll find miles of cycling paths at places we look after and some places also offer cycle hire. You can also see our places from a different kind of saddle by booking a horseback ride with Studland Stables in Dorset or the Cantref Riding Centre in the Brecon Beacons.

Children having a snail race on the pavement at a National Trust site.
Days out

Set up a snail race 

Got some time on your hands this spring? Why not organise a snail race? Watch how their slimy bodies leave a glittering trail. Lettuce can help to encourage competitors across the finish line.

Path through the woodland garden at Newark Park, Gloucestershire

Smell wild garlic 

Enjoy the smell of a busy kitchen as you walk through beautiful woodland. Many of our walks and trails will lead you through patches of wild garlic, identified by its delicate white flowers and its pungent aroma.

Two jacob sheep lambs at Charlecote in spring

Spot the lambs  

Nothing says spring like an energetic new-born lamb skipping through a field. Go for a walk with the family through rich-green countryside and see how many fluffy lambs you can spot. Can you hear them bleating?

Family on a walk in the woods

Stretch your legs 

Our family trails are a great way of ticking off lots of 50 things activities. Make a grass trumpet, play pooh sticks, make a daisy chain or go on a barefoot walk. Sometimes the most fun can be had by seeing where the trail takes you.

Boy kicking and splashing while laying in the sea

Swim in the sea 

Wake up the senses by taking a refreshing dip in the sea. Feel gentle waves breaking against your back, listen to the surf and watch the sun glinting in the water. We look after lots of incredible beaches all around the UK coastline, so you're sure to find the perfect place to take the plunge.