A year of wildlife on the South West coast

The South West coast is rich and diverse in wildlife. Throughout the year we see birds nest and fledge, flowers grow and rock pools come alive with animals and plants.

By the wind Sailors on South Milton Sands

Wildlife to spot on the South West Coast this winter 

In January and February wildlife can be a little harder to see on the coast. Here's our guide to the top three things to look out for.

Thrift growing on the cliffside at Boscastle, Cornwall

How to recognise thrift on the coast 

Alex Raeder, National Trust natural environment expert, tells us all about thrift, how to recognise it, and what the National Trust are doing to encourage it's growth.

 Thrift growing on the cliffside at Boscastle, Cornwall.

Thrift on the South Devon coast 

Ranger Emma Reece tells us about how the South Devon coastline is managed to allow this deep pink flower to thrive.

Girl in field looking through binoculars

Look out for swifts from May to July 

May to July is the time to spot swifts on the coast. Here's everything you need to know about this declining species.

 A boy crouches over a rockpool looking for creatures on the beautiful wave cut platform at Birling Gap beach

Wildlife to spot on the South West coast this summer 

Rockpools are great places to find all sorts of fascinating species, and with every tide a different set of creatures call them home.