Conservation in the South West - outdoors

The results of innovative techniques for the reintroduction of species along with painstaking restorations could be explored at the special places we care for when visited over the winter of 2019 - 2020.

Woolacombe sand dunes cows

Cows in Woolacombe dunes

We've successfully introduced a trial of innovative invisible fencing technique, along with ten North Devon Red cattle, to help improve our plant and wildlife species in the sand dunes at Woolacombe beach.

Woody Bay Coach Path Trees

West Exmoor woodland work

The West Exmoor rangers care for over 1200 acres of woodland. Find out how they look after this hugely significant area, and some of their woodland management plans for the future.

yews west drive

Reshaping the iconic yews

There's a major restoration along Montacute's iconic West Drive.

The vision for the restoration of the Kitchen Garden at Kingston Lacy

Kingston Lacy Kitchen Garden restoration 

At Kingston Lacy we've begun the Kitchen Garden project with a vision to conserve and restore this important part of the garden that once had a royal reputation. We aim to restore this former Victorian masterpiece over the next three years, ensuring that it can continue to stand for ever, for everyone.