Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are inspiring lots of areas of design at the moment, from fashion to furniture. Here's a few examples of geometirc patterns in the National Trust collection, showing they've been a popular trend for a very long time.

The ornate bedroom at Knightshayes

Ornate bedroom at Knightshayes 

This room is dotted throughout with geometric patterns. The rug, bed, cabinet, wallpaper and even ceiling all contain beautiful repeating patterns.

Geometric straw boxes at Lanhydrock

Straw boxes at Lanhydrock 

Two diamond shaped cardboard boxes with lids of straw dyed in geometric designs.

Geometric casket at Snowshill

Casket at Snowshill 

Rectangular casket raised on four bracket legs, the whole inlaid with tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl in geometric pattern. There's a label inside that reads 'Greek Woman's bridal headdress' in Charles Paget Wade's handwriting.

Pope's cabinet at Stourhead

Popes cabinet at Stourhead 

The Pope’s Cabinet was made in Rome around 1585, probably for the ‘Iron’ Pope Sixtus V Peretti (Pope from 1585-1590), is the richest and most elaborate of all surviving Roman pietre dure cabinets (or studioli) in Britain. Luxury cabinets, such as this, were conceived with elaborate façades to show off the most spectacular and costly products in ‘pietre dure’ (hard stones) inlay.

Geometric oriental pot at Greenway

Pot at Greenway 

Pot decorated with stripes and geometric patterns in blue, manganese, turquoise and yellow. From the Orient, Eastern Mediterranean origin.

Geometric plate at Coleton Fishacre

Plate at Coleton Fishacre 

A small side plate in cream ceramic with a silver geometric pattern around the edgewith a thin green line in side the pattern. Made by Alfred Meakin in Princess shape and Marigold design.