Go behind the scenes at our places

If you love unearthing secrets and peeling away layers of history to discover lesser-known stories, our new series of behind-the-scenes tours will be right up your street.

Join us on a journey that will give you a different take on the places you love or have longed to visit. Discover unseen objects, hidden places and intriguing characters.

Working to protect 16th-century stained-glass windows at The Vyne

Exploring behind closed doors

This seven-part series will lift the lid on the places you help us care for. The Vyne, a former Tudor palace in Hampshire is the first to share its story, followed by Powis Castle, a Medieval fortress embracing a green future. Soon we'll also be helping you explore the Museum of Childhood in Derbyshire, the treacherous past of Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk and the eccentricities of Castle Ward, an 18th-century mansion surrounded by the tranquil waters of Strangford Lough in County Down.


Series 3: Museum of Childhood

The fun continues behind closed doors while we can't open for visitors. Seven-year-old Mo is taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum of Childhood in Derbyshire as we celebrate the playfulness of this amazing place that sheds light on the childhoods of history. Mo, who is one of the child ambassadors shaping the future of the museum, tells you about her favourite toys in the collection. She'll also show you a special learning attic, not normally seen by visitors.


Episode 2: Powis Castle

Explore the many stories Powis Castle & Garden has to tell. We're shedding more light on the castle's links to colonialism by looking afresh at items in the collection and how they came to be here. Discover how this medieval fortress is embracing renewable energy and experience an unmissable view from the castle's roof.


Episode 1: The Vyne

Delve into the fascinating history of The Vyne – a former Tudor palace visited by King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Learn about the site's transformation into the family home of lawyer and politician John Chaloner Chute. Discover hidden paintings in a gap in the wall and find out how the attic is protected from evil spirits, plus much more.

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The Hardmans House Film Rolls

Series 4: The Hardmans' House

Head back to the 1950s and explore The Hardmans’ House – the Liverpool home and studio of renowned portrait photographer Edward Chambré Hardman and his wife Margaret Hardman. You’ll get to explore the glamorous photographic studio of the man himself and delve into the fascinating collection of his work we now care for. Learn more about the photographic process on a visit to the darkroom and enjoy a rare glimpse of the printing rooms.

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" I'm one of the lucky few who gets to explore the nooks and crannies of the fascinating historical buildings you help us care for. I've crawled behind walls and explored mysterious roof spaces at sites up and down the country. What's so exciting about this series is that it allows us to bring you along too. "
Mysterious objects and places in our care

The places in our care are full of unusual and surprising and items. From novelty sundials to a bronze coffin bell, here are some objects that will make you look twice.   

Trompe l'oeil painting at Wimpole Hall

Illusions of grandeur

From optical illusions to secret doors, there's much to intrigue you at the historic buildings in our care.