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If you love unearthing secrets and peeling away layers of history to discover lesser-known stories, our series of behind-the-scenes films will be right up your street.

Enjoy a different take on the places you love and miss visiting because of lockdown restrictions. Discover unseen objects, hidden places and intriguing characters.

Latest visiting update 

Our gardens, parks, cafés, shops, countryside locations and many houses are open. You no longer need to pre-book at many places. Some still require booking ahead, so please check the property webpage before you travel.​

Latest series

Episode 2: Alfriston Clergy House, East Sussex

Alfriston Clergy House in East Sussex is a 14th-century building that’s full of history. It's also the house that started it all for us. One of the National Trust's founders, Octavia Hill, made a passionate case for this historical building in 1896, and spurred on our first fundraising campaign to restore it to its original state. Take a journey through time when you watch our new video.


Episode 1: Red House, Kent

We're inviting you on a video tour of Red House, the former home of designer William Morris. While it's not possible to visit in person right now, you'll still get to experience the unforgettable architecture and interiors of this intriguing place, also home to treasured works of art and Morris's early wallpaper designs.

Series 3

Series 3 of our behind-the-scenes tours brings you closer to some of the most exciting archaeological discoveries at the places we care for. You'll get to peel back layers of history, unearth fascinating stories and meet the people who work tirelessly to bring the past to life. In the latest episode, we'll be taking a closer look at the archaeological discoveries made at Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire.


Episode 3: Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

On this video tour, you'll discover the story of archaeology at Fountains Abbey, where atmospheric ruins shed light on a way of life that shaped the medieval world. We'll be lifting the lid on archaeological finds throughout the ages and showing you how modern technology and partnership working allows this journey of discovery to continue.


Episode 2: Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire

We're taking you behind the scenes at Chedworth Roman Villa, where we discovered Britain's first known 5th-century mosaic. Although the site is currently closed for visitors, you can still uncover the fascinating story behind this mosaic and meet one of the archaeologists involved in its excavation.


Episode 1: Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

Join us on a behind-the-scenes video tour of Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon burial ground that's the focus of the new film The Dig on Netflix. Although Tranmer House is currently closed, you can still delve into the history of this magical place. Explore this haunting 255-acre site and learn how the skeleton of its famous ship was uncovered in 1939. You’ll also get a glimpse into the life of Edith Pretty, who played a key role in the excavation.

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