Great picnic places in and around Oxfordshire

Everyone has their own picnic spot, but there are a few universals that make some places simply perfect for picnics. Here are a few to choose from in and around Oxfordshire.

Beautiful autumn colour in the woodlands

Greys Court 

There are some lovely picnic spots at Greys Court only a short walk from the car park. Check in at visitor reception, then head on out to find a shady spot under the oak trees.

Coleshill Park in May, The Buscot and Coleshill Estates Oxfordshire


The rolling countryside of West Oxfordshire is ideal for walking and picnics. Why not take a stroll around Coleshill village and into the parkland as outlined on this downloadable map?

A small boy runs ascross the grass flying a kite at a National Trust site

White Horse Hill 

White Horse Hill has to be one of the the best viewpoints for a picnic in the whole of the South of England. In fact you can probably see most of its counties from this vantage point. Pack a kite and some wind-proof clothes as it can be breezy.

Children take a close look at the wildlife on a fallen tree trunk

Ashdown House 

Visit the hidden gem of Ashdown House and you can follow the tree trail for an atmospheric picnic in the woods. If you visit on a Wednesday or Saturday, you could follow up with a staircase tour in the afternoon.

Stowe Landscape Gardens, Buckinghamshire.


Pick a quiet spot to lay down the rug and enjoy a traditional picnic in the space and beauty of Stowe. You can add to your feast by dropping into the cafe to pick up home-made sandwiches, our famous sausage rolls, indulgent cake and bottles of sparkling drinks.