Places for kids to dress up

Enjoy a family day out and step into the shoes (and clothes) of an Anglo-Saxon warrior, the lady of the manor or a Victorian scullery maid. Here's our pick of the top places for dressing up.

Little boy in Victorian costume

Castle Ward, County Down 

At Castle Ward, children have a choice of costumes. Will they become a Victorian boy or girl and play games from that time? Or will they transform into farm animals in the barn?

Visitors trying on hats in a dressing room at Killerton, Devon

Killerton, Devon 

We have lots of places with costumes for children to dress up, where a world of fabulous costumes awaits you and the children. Don't forget to finish it off with a hat or stylish scarf. Which era will you choose?

 Visitors dressing up in period costume at Lyme Park

Lyme Park, Cheshire 

Take the kids back to Edwardian times at Lyme Park, where they can dress up in brilliant costumes, and play with toys in the Edwardian nursery.

Girl holding a fan

Petworth House, Sussex 

Our first mission for children entering Petworth House is to find the wardrobe that says ‘Open me’. Inside you'll find costumes linked to paintings in the house.

Child in Anglo Saxon costume looking at the reconstructed warrior's helmet at Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk 

Children can transform themselves into Anglo-Saxons for the day at Sutton Hoo, complete with helmets and swords. They can also try their hand at archaeology and build their very own Anglo-Saxon house or den.

Little boy trying on a straw boater hat at Tredegar House, Newport

Tredegar House, Newport 

The dressing up box at Tredegar House holds a great range of Restoration, Victorian, 1920s and 1930s costumes. Which era will your youngsters choose?