Rainy day adventures near Exeter

Even when it's raining, there's still lots of places full of treasures to explore around Exeter. With children’s trails, costumes and events, you can uncover hidden history everywhere.

The Drawing Room at A La Ronde, Devon

A la Ronde: the 16 sided house 

A la Ronde is a quirky and unique fascinating sixteen sided house, full of creative treasures from around the world. The hexadecagonal building was the work of Jane and Mary Parminter in 1796. A wonder to behold.

The Whitelady Waterfall flowing into a pool below

Rainy day excitement at the gorge

Don't be put off by the rain, a hike around the gorge is always an adventure. Heavy rain can turn the Whitelady Waterfall into a raging torrent and make the Devils's Cauldron roar. Please check the website before travelling in case of flooding, and bring sturdy footwear as it can get slippery.

The Drawing room at Castle Drogo with sofas in the middle of the room.

A castle redisplayed

The castle has been redisplayed and the stories in the castle focus on the Drewe family and the building work from 1910-1930.

Children in Victorian clothing at Finch Foundry, Devon

All dressed up and nowhere to go

See what you look like dressed up in Victorian 'Sunday Best'

father and soon exploring inside the house at Knightshayes, Devon.

One-off wonders in the house

This eccentric and unique Victorian gothic revival house is well worth an explore- peruse the quirky ceilings and intricate carvings and find out the stories behind the Heathcoat Amory family who lived there.