Rose gardens in the Midlands

The spectacular colours and scents of roses are a sure sign that summer has arrived. Here are a selection of special rose gardens to enjoy at places across the region.

Colourful rosegarden at Wightwick Manor

Roses in Wightwick's Arts & Crafts garden 

Nothing typifies an old English garden quite like the rose. Discover the story and varieties of roses in Wightwick's garden.

Dudmaston rose border summer

The rose borders at Dudmaston 

The air is filled with the light fragrance of roses at Dudmaston in early summer.

Roses in the walled garden

Roses at Coughton Court 

Coughton's walled garden is one of the finest rose gardens in the world as awarded by 'The World Federation of Rose Societies'. Learn all about the garden here.

Rambling roses in Hardwick garden

Rose delights in Hardwick garden 

As the scented blooms of the roses fill the summer air, enjoy the parkland views and peaceful surroundings of the east side of the garden.

Rosa Mundi in the front garden at Moseley Old Hall

Explore the roses in the garden at Moseley Old Hall 

Moseley's roses don't just look and smell amazing, they have a pretty lovely tale to go with them. When soldiers came looking for the fugitive King Charles II at Moseley Old Hall in 1651, the owner, Mr Thomas Whitgreave, threw open the doors of his home and went to tend the roses in his garden to show he had nothing to hide.