Roses in London

There's a rich array of roses to be found in the gardens of our special places in London this summer. In Hampstead stems hang heavy under the weight of the nation's favourite flower at Fenton House. Across London in Bexleyheath this unmistakable symbol of British summertime climbs across Red House, the former home of William Morris. Every time you come to smell the flowers, you keep the gardens looking rosy.

Pink roses blooming in the grounds of Morden Hall Park, London, in July.

Morden Hall Park 

The rose garden found at Morden Hall Park was the pride and joy of Mr Hatfeild, the last owner of estate. He would spend many a summer’s evening walking among the 38 flowerbeds that host rich collection of roses and dahlias to this day. Morden Hall Park celebrates this long standing association with a Rose Weekend on the 24 and 25 June.

Roses in full bloom in the gardens at Red House, Bexleyheath, London

Red House 

Roses are a central to the origins Red House. After all it was Philip Webb and William Morris that decided the countryside idyll should be ‘clothed’ in this traditional climber as they designed the property.

Roses growing in the garden at Fenton House and Garden, Hampstead, London.

Fenton House and Garden 

From June the Rose Garden at Fenton House can easily identified with stems bowing under the weight of scented blooms. Cottage garden in style and feel, the roses are under planted with traditional cottage favourites like phlox, foxgloves, poppies and London Pride which combine for a dazzling display.