Spring wildlife at places in the Midlands

As the new season unfolds all kinds of flora and fauna are emerging, giving the gardens and landscapes a burst of new spring colour. The places we look after are ideal spots to enjoy nature and wildlife at this time of year.

A small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly

Shugborough's springtime wildlife 

See what exciting species come out to play in the springtime

Wenlock Edge bluebells

Spring wildlife at Wenlock Edge 

Birds and insects are busy and noisy and our beloved sleepy dormice and hedgehogs wake up and start looking for food.

goslings at croome in 2017

Spring wildlife at Croome 

After its winter hibernation, in early spring the parkland begins to slowly awaken.

Bucks in the deer park at Attingham Park.

Deer diary: The Attingham herd 

The Attingham deer herd is the beating heart of the estate. Descended from the fallow deer introduced by Thomas 2nd Lord Berwick, Attingham is home to around 180 deer.

Children enjoying a wildlife walk

Spring wildlife at Packwood 

Spring is a great time of year to spot a variety of wildlife at Packwood. Take a stroll around the grounds and keep your eyes peeled for creatures big and small.

Baddesley is home to many ducks

Wildlife at Baddesley Clinton 

Bees, birds and butterflies, you'll see all of them at Baddesley Clinton

Look out for the herons flying back to their nests in the treetops at Charlecote Park

Discover Charlecote's wildlife haven 

Bring your binoculars and see what you can spot today. Our parkland is a wildlife haven - will you see a kingfisher on the river today? The grounds are open from 9.00am so there's more quiet time for birdwatching.

A male woodpecker in the woods

Spring wildlife at Stoneywell 

Discover the wildlife that calls Stoneywell 'home' at spring.

Belton Bee amongst the lavender in the Dutch garden

Spring wildlife at Belton 

There's lots of wildlife to discover across Belton's 1300 acres this spring.

A close up shot of a heron hiding in the bushes

Wildlife to spot at Berrington Hall 

Our 'Capability' Brown landscape is home to lots of creatures great and small. Otters live in the lake and voles can't get enough of the gardens. Find out more about the lake as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and how you can get involved with Berrington's wildlife.

Great crested grebe with young on its back

Birdwatching at Dudmaston in spring 

Spring is a great time to see what's new in nature at Dudmaston. The water and woodlands come alive with birdsong as many of our feathered friends begin to nest.

Bilberry bumble bee on grass

Spring wildlife on the Long Mynd at Carding Mill Valley 

Once spring arrives on the Long Mynd the place really starts to come to life, with birds finding their perfect nesting spot and insects finding the best place to lay their eggs. Up on the top of the hill you can hear the distinctive call of the Red Grouse and you might even catch a glimpse of the rare Bilberry Bumble Bees buzzing around New Pool Hollow.

A stonechat perches in bracken

Longshaw's spring wildlife 

Find out how spring affects Longshaw's wildlife

Evening sun reflects on the ponds in the Park at Hardwick, Derbyshire

Springtime in Hardwick park 

As spring arrives, see some of nature's best moments unfold in the expanse of Hardwick's park.