Spring wildlife in the Midlands

As the seasons turn the arrival of spring sees all kinds of flora and fauna emerging from their winter rests. The places we look after are ideal spots to enjoy nature and wildlife at this time of year.

goslings at croome in 2017

Spring wildlife at Croome 

Spring has arrived and Croome's wildlife is beginning to emerge.

Children enjoying a wildlife walk

Spring wildlife at Packwood 

Spring is a great time of year to spot a variety of wildlife at Packwood. Take a stroll around the grounds and keep your eyes peeled for creatures big and small.

Baddesley is home to many ducks

Wildlife at Baddesley Clinton 

Bees, birds and butterflies, you'll see all of them at Baddesley Clinton

A male woodpecker in the woods

Spring wildlife at Stoneywell 

Discover the wildlife that calls Stoneywell 'home' at spring.

Bilberry bumble bee on grass

Spring wildlife on the Long Mynd at Carding Mill Valley 

Once spring arrives on the Long Mynd the place really starts to come to life, with birds finding their perfect nesting spot and insects finding the best place to lay their eggs. Up on the top of the hill you can hear the distinctive call of the Red Grouse and you might even catch a glimpse of the rare Bilberry Bumble Bees buzzing around New Pool Hollow.