Summer wildlife in the south west

The South West is home so all sorts of wildlife, and the places we care for are great for spotting some of the species that live here. There's the weird, wonderful and colourful waiting to be found, in particular, there's butterflies galore.

Hunting for butterflies

Where to see butterflies in the South West 

Searching for butterflies satisfies the hunting gene within us and photographing them is a great hobby.

Three leverets (baby hares) in a flowerbed at Tyntesfield

Wildlife at Tyntesfield

Dragonflies and deer, bats, birds and badgers, newts, hares, fungi and reptiles.. the diversity of the Tyntesfield estate makes it the perfect home for a whole range of wildlife.

Red admiral

Butterflies fluttering at Cotehele

Once a week between April and September, the rangers at Cotehele walk around the garden and estate measuring the health of the butterfly population.

A four-spotted chaser dragonfly

Summer wildlife in Studland Bay

Take a step back from the beach and meet the wild creatures that also make Studland Bay their summer playground.

 A boy crouches over a rockpool looking for creatures on the beautiful wave cut platform at Birling Gap beach

Wildlife to spot on the coast this summer 

Rockpools are great places to find all sorts of fascinating species, and with every tide a different set of creatures call them home.

Sun shining through pine trees on Brownsea Island in Dorset

Woodland wildlife and coastal creatures

Within moments of stepping off the ferry onto Brownsea Island, the hustle and bustle of life on the mainland feels like a million miles away and the sounds of nature can soothe the soul.

Durrington Walls at the Stonehenge Landscape, Wiltshire

The wildlife of Stonehenge Landscape through the seasons

The ancient countryside provides habitats and protection for a wide variety of wildlife. Migrating birds return year after year and each season is defined by new arrivals and changing scenes. From the swooping skylarks to the wild flowers there is so much nature to behold and a new picture painted by every season.