Summer wildlife spotting in the South East

The diversity and beauty of wildlife across the South East is awe-inspiring which is why we are working hard to maintain, protect and conserve it for the future. From butterfly walks and bird-spotting to Herbridean sheep and hares, the South East has an abundance of wildlife on display by nature for you to embrace this summer.

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Purple emperor butterfly

Butterfly walks

Butterflies are emerging across the South East. Spot beauties like the Adonis blue on a walk at Newtimber Hill in West Sussex, or the Purple emperor at one of our Surrey Hills sites.

red kite

Top spots for wildlife in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire 

Search for a few of your favourite beasts this summer through a host of healthy habitats this summer.

A blue butterfly

Wildlife in and around East Sussex

From Bodiam's bats and bees to Scotney's herd, come and seek out your favourite critters this summer.

A pearl bordered fritillary butterfly on speedwell flowers

Butterflies at Stockbridge Down 

Over 30 species of butterfly thrive at Stockbridge Down. Declining varieties such as the duke of Burgundy and pearl-bordered fritillary can be spotted here, encouraged through careful habitat management.

Osprey stood on a post

Isle of Wight wonders 

Across our downs, within Newtown’s meadows, and deep in Borthwood’s woods, wildlife can be found throughout the summer across the countryside on the Isle of Wight.

A pair of nightjars at the New Forest Northern Commons

Summer wildlife in the New Forest 

Head to the open heaths of our New Forest commons on a summer evening for a wildlife fiesta. You'll find flittering bats, delicate moths and a magnificent dusk chorus. Listen out for the churring of the rare nightjar.

A beautiful blue Southern Migrant Hawker dragonfly sitting on a reed

Wildlife in Kent 

From Ightham Mote's birds and butterflies to Scotney's herd, come and seek out your favourite critters this summer.

A glow worm on a leaf at night, spotting during surveys at Stockbridge Down, Hampshire

Glow-worms at Stockbridge Down 

On a summer’s night, under the soft darkness of a new moon, our ranger Cat Hadler will be overseeing her fourth annual glow worm survey.

Peregrine flying off the Kent coast

Kent coast 

The Kent coast is home to salt marsh, mud flats, towering chalk cliffs and grassland. Its huge diversity of wildlife is one of the reasons we're working hard to protect it.


Wildlife walks in Hampshire 

Set off on a walk through our Hampshire countryside this summer and you'll find yourself on a native wildlife safari of butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles and birds. Why not take a wildlife i.d. book and some binoculars and record your sightings?